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Finding a proper marriage partner through a Muslim Marriage Bureau in Ahmedabad is really challenging. This is particularly true for devout practising Muslims, who are instructed to lower their eyes and interact with the opposite sex as little as possible. The most recommended method is to seek assistance from one's family, and friends; yet, they frequently present you with the same types of prospects that you are just not interested in!


Attending group meetings, and even weddings in the hopes of meeting a “suitable practising Muslim” for marriage... but alas! You can't practically start interaction with the opposite sex due to modesty concerns. And you certainly don't want to start this lovely process of marriage-seeking by doing anything that might offend Allah (swt). Muslim Marriage Bureau Gujarat is the answer. Muslim Marriage Bureau Gujarat is a Muslim Marriage Beuro in Ahmedabad that strives to create a safe, secure, and reliable platform for God-fearing Muslims to meet other practising Muslims who are all looking for a Halal marriage.

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For devout Muslims looking for a compatible partner, Muslim Marriage Bureau Gujarat is the most trusted, safe, and secure matrimonial service available in Ahmedabad.


Modern style with a robust set of features to make finding the right compatible match easier. Customer service that is second to none. Staff who are sincerely committed to assisting Muslims in tying the knot for the sake of Allah. On demand, personalised pairing assistance is provided (for free).

Accessible to ALL Muslims of all ages, however the database has been partitioned so that only compatible matches can see and be seen.

HAVE NO FEAR! There will be no fake profiles, scammers, or internet predators.

How are we going to do it? – We only accept real high-quality members and closely monitor all activities to detect and dismiss any suspicious members as soon as possible.

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Muslim Marriage Bureau was founded to provide a dedicated and secure online matrimony platform for Muslims that is consistent with the core values of Islamic culture, traditions, and heritage.




Smart Matching


First and foremost, make constant du'a to Allah (swt) for a suitable partner who will be the perfect for you in this world and in the afterlife. Our Prophet (saw) encouraged us to prioritise finding wives with piety and excellent character over anything else.


Always be truthful while communicating with a potential match. Using lies to deceive people might take you far in a relationship, and even get you wedded. However, a marriage built on lies will never succeed! So, please, always be really honest.


When looking for a partner, be realistic. Expecting your partner to be flawless in every regard is unrealistic. As humans, we all have skills and faults that we may work to improve. So, without asking too much, prioritise what is most important to you.

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That special someone isn't going to appear out of nowhere. It will take some work on your part. The first step is to set up a profile that is complete and accurate.

Make sure the sections titled "ABOUT ME" and "WHAT I AM SEEKING" are descriptive and well-written to draw readers in. Make sure it's not cliched or uninteresting.


Muslim Marriage Bureau Gujarat will make recommendations for you based on information you supplied in your profile. As a result, make sure your profile information is correct!

You can also do numerous searches for potential mates in addition to the match suggestions. When you come across a profile that interests you, express your interest.


We connect your family members/you and if a compatibility is established, both families can meet each other.

Do Istikhara after you've established basic compatibility. Then, in the presence of a Wali, set up a face-to-face encounter. Proceed to Nikkah when your hearts are content.

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People have found their better half through us


Genuine profiles with verified phone numbers

AI Match-Making

Advanced artificial intelligence-driven match recommendations


I want to thank you all for your outstanding efforts in assisting folks in getting married in a halal and Islamic manner. It is quite difficult for devout Muslims who follow modesty to "bump into" a potential mate in a safe and appropriate situation. Alhamdulillah, you have provided the community with a much-needed avenue.

I'd also like to thank the Muslim Marriage Bureau Matrimony personnel for their amazing customer service, individualised assistance, and exceptional care during my use of the service. May Allah (swt) reward the entire team for assisting the Muslim ummah with this crucial topic solely for Allah's sake. Muslim Marriage Bureau Matrimony, in my opinion, does a fantastic job of ensuring that high-quality members are approved and that they provide a safe and secure atmosphere for practising Muslims to discover compatible partners. JazakhAllah, for assisting me in finding my husband.

Alhamdullilah, I've discovered my future wife, and we're planning to get married in June 2021, insha Allah. I'd like to express my gratitude to this platform because I never imagined I'd be married to a wonderful match within three months of meeting someone, Alhamdulillah. We were able to make the entire process of getting to know one another very clear, forward and uncomplicated because of continual dua, the basic system developed, and Allah's will. May Allah bless you and grant you barakah for your efforts in building a varied platform where Muslims from all over can discover their soul mates in a halal and secure manner, ameen ya Rabbul a lameen.